What can I say about Smite? I really suck at this game. I play with a few friends who are significantly better at the game then I am and they help me out so I have been getting better. But, I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s start here.

What is Smite?

Smite is a MOBA (Massive Online Battle Arena). You take control of a god from various pantheons and join forces with other gods in order to defeat a group of other gods. They have various game modes to chose from so there is something that everyone can enjoy.

The most common modes that I play are Arena, a 5v5 all-out brawl, Joust, a 3v3 match where you have to fight your way through the opponent’s defenses (one tower, a phoenix, and finally their titan), and Assault (essential the same concept as Joust except you don’t get to choose your own god).


In this game mode, you battle against another team to be the last one with “tickets” remaining. You remove the opponent’s tickets by killing them or their minions, or by helping your minions get to the portal in front of the enemy base. This is usually a very fast game to play so it is nice if you don’t have very much time. The composition if the team is less important here as well since it is less structured and more of a free-for-all.


Joust is a slightly longer match. Played with 3 players on each side. In this mode, the goal is to destroy the enemy titan. To do this you must first get through their tower, which attacks anyone who gets too close, their Phoenix, which revives after a set amount of time, and finally the titan itself. This game mode has only 1 “lane” to run down but does have a small “jungle”, a side area that does not have minions but has jungle camps which drop various buffs.

This game takes a bit longer to play usually and requires a coordinated effort with your team to be truly successful. Planning what characters to use and when to use specific abilities and so much more goes into the planning required in this game mode.


This is a much more straightforward game mode in theory. There is only one lane and no jungle, and it is played 5v5. The catch here is that you don’t get to pick your own god. You are given a random god from all of the ones that you own or the ones that are in the free rotation that week. While you can trade with another player, if you both own both gods, or reroll your god (for a fee) this mode really comes down to being able to play any type of god at least halfway decently.

I have always been a fan of randomizing things, leaving it up to chance. As such, this is one of my favorite ways to play- it is also one of my worst game modes for being successful. The upside to this is that the other team is just as randomized, so you have a chance, especially if people are getting the rotation gods.


This is the game mode I play the least. It is also the most recognizable for players who have played other MOBAs. This game mode is like Joust but magnified. With 5 gods on each side, 3 “lanes” and 2 more extensive “jungles” it has the same goal but with more difficulties (and a longer play time).  With matches lasting as long as an hour to an hour and a half sometimes it is just too long of a game mode for my taste.

Community Involvement

What MOBAs have you played in the past?

Who is your favorite god to play?

Your favorite game mode?

What would you like to see me write about next?

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