Welcome to Word for a While, my own personal digital home-away-from-home, and hopefully yours too.

Among these pages, you will find the ramblings of an authors mind, ranging from my thoughts on spontaneous topics to reviews on tech, books, and many other topics. You will find my personal journey from unhealthiness to fitness and recipes that I discover and try along the way.


My main blog will be a collection of random thoughts, ranging from books that I am reading to television shows I am watching to my thoughts on a situation occurring in the world (or in my own head). This is my space to spew words on the page and see what happens. I will also be using this page to keep you up to date on my WIP, and possibly share sneak peaks.


This will be the space I use to review different pieces of technology, everything from smart wearables to home technology, to cameras and video games. Anything and everything tech related will land here and my opinions will be blatant and my research will be thorough.

Health and Fitness

I am not a foodie or a work-out addict. I like to eat, but I prefer my food to be easy and convenient so I don’t have to do too much work. My idea of a workout is getting out of bed and walking to the garage to do laundry. Having said that, I am on a journey to get into better shape and having to force myself to work at it constantly. This section of the site will be dedicated to my (mis)adventures along the road and what I am doing to make it work. This is also where I will try to include fun recipes that are easy to make and also good(ish) for you.

Community Involvement

This is your part. I can sit here all day posting my thoughts into the void, but this doesn’t help anyone. This site works best if you interact with me and make this a dialogue. I will get more out of it with feedback and you will (hopefully) get something out of either my writing or your conversations with each other. Either way, the key is for you to be involved, through comments, sharing to your social media, telling your friends and family, etc. I hope to add a forum to the site at some point soon and that, too, will be a way for you to be involved in this varied and evergrowing community.