Welcome to Word for a While, my own personal digital home-away-from-home, and hopefully yours too.

Take a journey through the pages of my mind and find exactly what you are looking for. On this site, you will find a budding copywriter, amateur photographer, and newbie author seeking to find his way in life. Whatever brought you to this page, my hope is that the engaging content and user-focused forums will continue to encourage you to come back again and again.


Do you have a business that needs more exposure? A new e-book available on your website that is just waiting for people to find out about it and spread the word? Does your current business have a new service that people need to know about it? There is an easy solution.

Imagine with me, if you will, a flyer landing in the mailbox of every person in your area and capturing their attention. Or an email grabbing the attention of all of your past (or potential) clients showing them the joys of what you have to offer. Not only do they actually take the time to read this engaging piece of content from their favorite place of business, but they find it compelling and actively want to buy or sign up for what is on it. This is what I am offering. Don’t send out anymore “spam”, send out engaging, attention-grabbing advertisement that actually increases business.

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Are you planning an event that you want to remember forever but don’t want to spend the whole time behind a camera, let me do it for you. Weddings, reunions, sporting events just let me know what you want and let me do the rest while you enjoy the best days of your life.

Send me a message with the details of the event and what you are looking for.



Check out my blog for random thoughts on tech products, life, books, or anythign else. Coming up soon you will also be able to read about my own book project for NaNoWriMo, including status updates, excerpts, and anything else that I come up with. Comment on any of the posts and let me know your thoughts on the topic or shoot me an email with what you want me to write about next.

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Want to take a more active role in conversations, sign up for the forum and talk about what you want to talk about. With a place for conversations about books, photography, tech, and a section for random conversations about anything you can think of you can find exactly the forum that you want to participate in or make your own.

Currently looking for admins on a volunteer basis who can help keep conversations on track and stoke the conversations. Email me to apply and for more information. Click here to check out the forums.